We understand, If you dream of playing guitar, it means that you are in full control of your life!

    3 months course - 12 quality classes

    Time and methods of learning are changing, are YOU still learning from the old methods? and spending lots of months and fees into old methods?

    Introducing the advance method of learning guitar which is called as music sense method.

    Music sense method is the most powerful method of learning guitar.

    it consists of important Basics, rhythms, chords, Scales, formations, arpeggios, strumming, songs, advanced right-hand techniques, advanced left-hand and many more, It's a combo of all the level (basic, intermediate, advanced and professional)

    We teach Indian music/ Bollywood music/ Sufi music/ Western music. also you`ll be learning singing

    and, you will be getting a lifetime FREE correction rechecking service in which you can recheck all your doubts, exercises, how you are playing and all stuff.

    If you are playing that guitar in your dream with no one there then you might be getting in touch with emotional states within the dream, if playing to others you might be wanting to get them to see how you express the emotions and want them to see how you feel!