A guitar represents melody, contentment, happiness, peace, self-realization, atonement, spiritualistic attributes and positivity in life!

What results and values you will get

* Become a Guitarist, Rockstar or a Performer

* Fulfill your hobby, desire, wish, dreams, and fantasy at any age.

* You will learn the concept of how to play any songs (hindi/english) on your own

* Gain fame, attraction, confidence, status, power, respect among others

* Feel the fun, pleasure & excitement by playing guitar, and any songs on your own as soon as possible

* At a very lower price

* You will make yourself out of the line

* Feel being important, appreciated, loved and valued by others

* Learn and become knowledgeable of composing & write your own songs

* Start earning a good income by performing shows in front of thousands of people or in industry

* The benefits of playing guitar help, Physically, Psychologically & Financially


WHY we are the best in Mumbai, kya alag hai?

* In mumbai "PGC" is the best, unique and No 1. in the field of guitar home tutorials

* you`ll be learning singing also because of that you dont have to join any singing classes.

* You'll be getting the lifetime value by our superior method of teaching

* You will save your money and thousands of months traveling & learning form the classes

* Days and timing are flexible

* You will be certified from PGC

Our vision

Till the end of this year, our purpose is to serve 100 candidates with an overwhelmed service
which will give you an extraordinary delight full value for a lifetime, which you had never experienced before!


if you dream of playing guitar we might suggest that you are going through an emotional period of time where just words aren’t enough to explain whats going on.
and a guitar is allowing you to express your self more. providing you with inner peace Or if you have never tried playing guitar before,
it might your sub-conscious mind telling you that you are meant to do that in this lifetime and if you don’t, you will render this life meaningless!